We agree to various aspects, this advantage. Not only can inspire students' English reading, and many more, improve their English conversation, still can make students

The road in the future,only belongs to one person I don't need anyone to go with me even if we meet again I'll just pass

As is known to all, the drug is very harmful to our society I can't stand my that noisy roommates English translation of the accident was due to carelessness caused by the workers

welcome to my book store , as there is an old saying ,books are the best companions of human beings .we can always learn many fabulous thing we've never known . And

I don't expect you to forget her completely. After all she used to be an important person in your heart. But I will take actions to make you lock all her memory in your heart and never let it open. I want you to know the person in front of you is the one who you treasure most for the rest of your life.

I am so naive. Sometimes all a good feel ridiculous. Would then fall in love with you. He knows the outcome of nothing. 我是如此天真.有时只是觉得好笑.就爱上了你.他对

在桌子下面(英语翻译) under the table在沙发上(英语翻译) on the soaf我不知道(英语翻译) I don't know在抽屉里(英语翻译) In the drawerSally(英语翻译)的房间 In sally's roomon the bookcase(中文翻译) 在书架上on the dresser (中文翻译) 在梳妆台上undr the bed (中文翻译)在床下面(应该是under)ON,in,at,叫prospectives 方位词,挺难懂的..外国人也错..所以语感很重要,建议多看看英语电影之类的.

In front of us is an un-tree, if its branches to be repaired, they will have a tree branch, stem, root. As you see, as for the branches under the root, for the stem. Over time,


When I see you in the first time,I have liked you at the time. From then on ,you are filled everything comes too quickly and on time that makes me bushed. 只是大概的翻译一下

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