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用what s the matter造句

What is matter with you?

这三个本身就是句子了,要造句的话只能是复合句了. Can you tell me what's wrong with you. I wonder what's the matter with you. I want to know what's the trouble with you.

What's the matter? 怎么回事/出了什么事?/怎么了? 举例: What's the matter with her? 她出什么事啦? What's the matter with John? 约翰怎么了? .What's the matter with you? 你有什么不舒服希望对你有所帮助哈,^_^

意思是问你怎么了,可以根据不同的情况回答,如 I have a cold.(我感冒了)

你分析的有点问题.这本是个疑问句,what is the matter ?还原后 the matter is what .你再看看,matter 是主语 is 是谓语 what是宾语

what's up what's the problem?

应该是What's the matter?回答应该回答发生了什么事

观察和体会下列对话:A: She's crying sadly.B: Do you know what is the matter with her? = what is wrong with her? 实际上, the matter = wrong, adj. 是形容词 这个宾语从

what`t the matter with peter? peter is a worker. he works hard every day. yesterday, he was ill. he has a lot of headaches and he din't sleep well last night. today, he went to see

what's the matter? My good fireng sally had a toothache last weekend.Last weekend morning, she got up ang she didn't feel well.But her parents weren't at home.Then she

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