May I have your attention please?

attention (读音):英[tenn],美[tnn];(释义):n.关注;注意;【军】 立正 (例句):1、Other people walk along the beach at night,so I didn't pay

attention是注意力的意思 有一个短语叫做pay attention to 意思是把注意力放在 可以造句:You should pay attention to your study. 你应该把注意力放在学习上

attention注意或者注意力.造句:We should pay attention to listening to our teacher when we are in the class.

you have all my attention.你吸引了我所有的注意力

Later he turned his attention to the desperate state of housing in the city.后来他把注意力转向了该市极为严重的住房状况.

I looked my brother overnight.我整夜照顾我弟弟 Plese pay attention to your study.请专注学业.

you should pay attention to your spelling 你应该注意发音

You must pay attention to protecting the environment.你要注意保护环境.pay attention to注意

Attention,good morning teacher.You must pay attention to your study.

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