i'm carrying my desk there now

你好!1.Let me carry the desk for you.(让我替你搬桌子吧.)2.Tom is carrying his sister on his back.(Tom背着他的妹妹.) 如有疑问,请追问.

go on to do sth. insist on dniog sth. he had learned enough german to carry on a conversation. 他已学了足够的德语来进行会话. rising costs made it hard to carry on business. 成本不断上涨,生意很难做成. 如果有用 请采纳!

1. (用手、肩等)挑,抱,背,提,扛,搬David went in, carrying his suitcase.戴维提着手提箱走了进去.We carried the boxes into the room.我们将箱子搬进室内.2. 运送,运载;搬运The city subways carry hundreds of thousands

No matter what difficulty you will meet with, carry out your plan. 不管你遇到什么困难,都要执行计划. He balked me to carry out my plan. 他阻止我实施我的计划. They swore an oath to carry out their duties faithfully. 他们发誓要忠实履行自己的职责.

1.They carry the boxes into the room.他们将箱子搬进室内.2.The sick child shouted with pain.那病童痛得叫了起来.3.I didn't find my english book .我没有找到我的英语课本.4.

carry是搬动 can you carry this box?你能搬这个箱子吗?move是移动 she couldn't move. 她动不了.

1,sothat 2,spend(in) doing sth 3,spend on 4,stand for 5,stay up 6,stick to doing sth 7stop doing sth 8stop to do sth 9such as 10 take away 11take care of 12 take it easy 13 take measures to do sth 14 take off 15 take part in 16 take place 17take the place

I carry to my bag every day.应该是这样

carry sb through:使…渡过难关 Carry sb./sth. through帮助完成某事 The seventh part, under the guide of this strategy, we carry out the sub-strategies for the SB"s production, marketing, human resource, research, and finance through the balance

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