i usually communicate with teacher

communicate KK: [] DJ: [] vt.1. 传达;传递;传播[(+to)] Did she communicate my wishes to you?她有没有把我的祝福转告你?2. 传染,使感染[(+to)] He

翻译如下 communicate with 一般过去时造句(两个) I communicated with him yesterday. 我昨天同他通信.I communicated with you in skilled English. 我用娴熟的英语与你沟通.

1.She sighed her youth lost early .He sighed with helplessness.2..How do you communicate with each other .Shool children often communicate colds to each other

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . You can have a good comunication with him if you have and different opinion. 跟读 哪天你我熟了之后,说不定你可以给个很好的概括.danci.911cha.com2.In comparison with the Americans, the humble comunication style is favorable for the Chinese. 跟读 和美国人相比,中国人更喜欢谦逊的交流风格.edu.sina.com.cn


Patient anxiety is often increased by poor communication from health-care staff.病人的焦虑往往是增加沟通不良从卫生保健工作人员.

1."If my aim can come true , I hope to be a teacher." 如果我的志向能实现的话,我就希望成为一个老师.2.I've tried, but it's impossible to communicate with her. 我试过了

communicate with 沟通;通话 例句 My teachercommunicate with me我老师和我交流 communicate in 用语言沟通 例句 we communicat in english 我们用英语沟通 communicate to 传达给…;向…表达;传染;传送 例句 He has communicated his wishes to me. 他已经把他的愿望告诉了我.

i communicate with my sister about my study 我和我姐姐讨论有关我学习的问题

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