Most of us need to lead more balanced lives to be healthy and happy 我们中大多数人需要过更为平衡的生活,以保持健康和快乐.

I like healthy food .

He is less healthy than her. He is more healthy than them. He is as healthy as them He is as unhealthy as them

this book is healthy for you to read.这本书对你来说是健康的读物.get up early is a healthy habit.早起是一个健康的习惯.swimming is a healthy sport.游泳是一个健康的运动.

health healthy healthily是同源词 类似的词有: success,successful,successfully wonder wonderful wonderfully happiness happy happily.

to keep healthy有目的性(为了保持健康) keep healthy 可译为保持健康

Good health! 祝你健康!His grandpa is healthy. 他的祖父身体健康. Look after yourself. 请你自己照顾自己.

i'm healthy the food is delicious i'm eating orange please remember to close the door i stay at home now

To Be Healthy Food and water are important for us to keep healthy.Everybody wants to be healthy. You know food is very important.

用have a healthy lifestyle造句:答案:everyone should have a healthy lifestyle.中文:每个人都应该拥有一种健康的生活方式.

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