Brief introduction of the technical center of Hubei province rehabilitation aids promoting sound and rapid development of the cause of rehabilitation aids.百度翻译的,望采

http://www.russky.net/trans/ 我在弄资料的时候都拿这个网站翻译 我的象册http://photo.163.com/photos/xulong0529/ 谢谢支持~~

我爱你但对不起:I love you but sorry 望采纳!! Thank you!

I give lectures so students must have a vivid lessons we love animals called I would like to let the children become interested in you can use of multimedia can also do a lot of

26个英文字母翻译成中文怎么读 a 爱一(连读)b 必 c 谁 d 第 e 一 f 爱福 g 极 h 爱一起 (快速连读)i 爱 j 极爱一 (快速连读) k 可爱一 (快速连读)l 艾欧 m 爱慕 n 爱恩 o 哦 p 批 q 可爱益友 (快速连读)r 啊 s 艾似 t 踢 u 有 v 喂 w 达不溜 x 爱克斯 y 外 z 日爱一 (快速连读)

The statue of liberty, the symbol of American introduction of world-famous statue of has been overturned symbol of tyranny rule.有到翻译的

We have come across this situation: a child, someone asked us what want to grow up. We will answer: scientists, like the Prime Minister , junior high, we would say: police,

I had an argument with my good friend Michael, because she wanted to copy my homework, but I didn't agree, but just then she at last week's English test did not test well, so

based on the hongshan fuyang town of preschool education of rural left-behind children about the investigation and research, by conditions, preschool education left-behind

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