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be against to do

没有的啊只有be against doing sth. 反对做某事be against sb. doing sth. 告诫某人当心某事/不要做某事


接sth./doing sth.

agree to do sth.

prepare [pri??p????]vt.预[准, 筹]备, 布置为的先导, 为铺路配制, 调制锻练( 习惯用语be prepared for [to do] 准备着prepare against 准备应付(不好的事情)

原发布者:xuyanna100 Against用法小结prep.1.与动词连用(1)常与push、press、lean、hang、stand等词连用,表示“紧靠、压迫”,有时不必译出.例如

支持 有两个表达方式:for sth. (支持某事) not gainst sth. (不反对某事) 例:I am for banning smoking in public places 我支持在公共场合禁止吸烟 I am not against banning smoking in public place 我不反对在公共场合禁止吸烟


害人之心不可有,防人之心不可无:直译:Don't do a harm to others, but aware of being harmed by others.经典的规范说法:Habour no ill intention against others, but never relax vigilance against evil-doers.另一种说法是:Trust your neighbour, yet pull not down your fence.)

be against doing sth,注against是介词

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