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be appreciate

be appreciated 英 美 受 的青睐; 受到感谢; 被理解 be appreciated的用法和样例:例句 An early reply will be appreciated.如蒙早日示复,将甚表感谢.An early reply would be appreciated as we wish to reach a prompt decision.本公司希望能快下决定,故请您及早回复.去句海,查更多例句

be appreciated of 感谢.appreciated v.感激( appreciate的过去式和过去分词 ); 欣赏; (充分)意识到; 对…作(正确)评价; 例句:1.Feedback is always greatly appreciated. 信息反馈总会让人不胜感激.

有点小语法错误应该是would appreciate it if前面加主语后面加从句

appreciatedv.感激( appreciate的过去式和过去分词 ); 欣赏; (充分)意识到; 对…作(正确)评价;

你能在英语上帮助我,我将会很感激 be gratefulIf you can help me with English , I will be grateful to you.

我习惯用It will be appreciated that

China advocate to develop economic and trade relations with countries all over the world on the basis of equality mutual benefits and reciprocity for common development.

we will be very appreciated if.

be troubled by [释义] 苦;[例句]you should not be troubled by the failure of others to appreciate your abilities; but rather by your own lack of them.不患人之不己知,患其不能也.(《论语》)

展开全部(1) 表示对某人感到失望,通常用介词 with, in.如:I'm disappointed in you! How could you have lied likethat? 你让我失望了,你怎么能像那样说谎呢?My parents will be disappointed in [with] me if I failin the exam. 要是我考试不及

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