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bring out the best

不可以,bring out the best in sth/sb是固定搭配,不能更改 This kind of work brings out the best in her.这种工作使她充分发挥了她的所长.This kind of work brings out the best in him.这种工作最能使他发挥潜力.Crisis brings out the best in her.危机促使她表现得特别出色.Bring out the best in any size church.发挥不同大小教会的最好潜能,才是最重要的.

A crisis brings out the best in her.在紧急关头看出了她的优秀品质. Bring out thebest in your photos.获得最佳照片效果.

bring out the best探骊得珠; 把某人最好的一面诱发出来双语例句1to house church members, persecution is a blessing in disguise designed to bring out the best of christian character.对家庭聚会的成员而言,逼迫不过是伪装的祝福,神以此来造

歌曲名:(you bring out) the best in me 歌手:the dells 专辑:standing ovation - the very best of the dells blue - best in me (2004) from the moment i met you i just knew you'd be mine you touched my hand and i knew that this was gonna be our

您好,the best用作动词短语bring out的宾语,该句话意思是“把某人最好的一面展现出来”.

bring out 出现This will help to bring out the flavour.这可以帮助提味儿.The company is bringing out a new sports car.公司正在生产一种新跑车.bring in 引入We can bring in the fresh air.我们可以吸入新鲜的

bring out 1. 取出(某物) 2. 把…从室内搬出来, 带出来 3. 呈出(某物); 使(某物)显现出来 4. 使清楚; 使明显 5. 出版, 生产(某物) 6. 说出… bring about 1. 使(船)掉转船头2. 造成, 引起〔导致〕(某事)

Larry(人名,拉里)经常帮助我,让我在网球练习中发挥得更好.helps to bring out the best in sb 帮助某人发挥潜能,在课文中应该是在网球方面

bring out the.. in sb 把某人内心的..说出来(呈现出来) bring out [英][bri aut][美][br at] 出版; 取出(某物); 呈出(某物); 说出…; 例句:1.Mentors can bring out the best in you and help you achieve god's

帮我带来最好的 做得更好 很不努力

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