easy 简单的意思 Easiest 是他的最高级 最简单

the easiest 是easy的最高级,最高级必须在前面加the

一贼斯特(声调分别是 一声、四声、轻声、轻声)

This mountain is the highest one in Nanjing.Lily is the shortest one in our class.This is the finest painting i have ever seen.He always can get the latest fashion.This is the biggest fish.The pig is the fattest here.He worked out the easiest qustion of the three.She is the most beautiful teacher i have ever senn.

没有上下文的么?如果就这几个词在一起 应该是“学习最容易的东西”

You need to memerize 4000 words to speak and read Chinese, so it is the easiest language to learn.

easy [英]['i:z][美][izi] adj.容易的; 舒适的; 宽裕的; 从容的; adv.容易地; 不费 最高级:easiest比较级:easier 例句:1.How easy is that to lose? " 丧失这种感觉

easiest 最简单very easy 很简单

最高级:easiest 比较级:easier

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