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look up 仰望;查阅;尊敬;拜访 Look up an old friend.拜访一个老朋友 When he looked up, he saw the boss.他抬起头时看到了老板.The national economy is beginning to look up.国民经济正在开始好转.Look up the time of the next train in the timetable 查一下火车时刻表中下一趟车的时间 We can look up the word in the dictionary 我们可以在字典里查这个字.

1、I looked your address up in the personnel file .我在人事档案里找到了你的地址.2、I'll try to look him up, ask him a few questions .我会设法登门拜访,问他几个问题.3、Things could be looking up in the computer industry.计算机行业的情况可

1.向上看.She didn't look up to see him.(她没有抬头去看他) 2. 改善.The situation is looking up.(情况正在好转) 3. 拜访(某人).She looked up some old friends yesterday.(她昨天去拜访了一些老朋友.) 4. 查找.If you don't know the word,you can look it up in the dictionary.(如果你不知道这个单词的意思,可以去查字典.)

If you don't know a word, you can look it up in a dictionary. 如果你有不识的字,可以查字典.

You know, a lot of people look up to me.很多人仰慕我呢.

Look up into the night sky and this illusion begins to falter.抬头仰望夜空,这种错觉就开始站不住脚了Look up the tree ,three birds in here. 向上看那树,三只鸟儿在哪.

When he looked up, he saw the boss.

I looked up and found a bird in the sky.我抬起头看到了天空中有一只小鸟.

you can look up the words in the dictionary. look up!there is a bird in the tree.

翻译如下;look up to 父母是我最尊敬的人 I look up to my parents most.

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