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not only but also怎么读

主要用法就是谓语动词要遵循“就近一致原则”,Not only the students but also the teacher was invited. 不仅学生们被邀请,而且那位教师也被邀请了. --------------------- (以

1.连接2个对等的关系(主语, 谓语, 宾语)2. 接谓语时, 采取就近原则.3. not only接句子, 句子的主谓要部分倒装

he not only knew the future but also could tell you the past.

意思是“不但……而且……”,注意以下用法:1、主要用于连接两个对等的成分;若连接两个成分作主语,其后谓语动词与靠近的主语保持一致.如:She likes not only

not only与but also后面所连接的词的词性必须对等: (1) frankin was considered not only an inventor,but also a statesman. 富兰克林不仅被看作发明家,而且被看作政治

not only but also 不但 而且neither nor 即不也不 (表否定)either or 或者或者;要么要么(表示二者选一者)

also 英[:lsu] 美[lso] adv. 1.也, 同样, 并且,此外 副词 adv.1.也, 同样, 并且,此外 You'll have to get a passport, and you'll also need a visa.你必须申办护照, 同时还需要有签证.I am also writing a short story.我也写短篇小说.The son has gone also.儿子也去了.She not only plays well, but also writes music.她不仅很会演奏, 而且还会作曲.

1、是就近原则,not only … but also 连接两个主语时,要和与其最近的主语保持人称和数的一致.2、“not only … but also …”是一个并列连词词组,其意思基本等于“

Not only…but also是英语中较为常见的一个关联词组.由于它的用法比较复杂,本文拟对其用法及其使用中应注意的问题作一归纳.一、主要用法1.连接主语:Not only I but

also 英 ['ls] 美 ['lso] adv. 也;而且;同样地1、also是较正式的用词 表示同样事件在不同日期发生过,习惯上不用介词.5、not onlybut also结构连接两

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