needlework美 ['nid()l.wrk]英 ['nid()l.w(r)k]n.针线活;女红;缝制品;刺绣品 缝纫;黹例句筛选1.Without no seams nor needlework.没有接缝也找不到针脚.2.Cross stitch is the most popular form of needlework today.十字绣的针线是最普遍的形式今天.

needleworkn. 刺绣,缝纫;女红的作品短语Ping needlework 平针绣Dense Needlework 密针线art needlework 艺术用针绣N-UNCOUNT Needlework is sewing or stitching that is done by hand. 针线活例:She did beautiful needlework and she



区分一下其英文解释:put away - to store away, place out of the way, clean up, or organize; to eat a great deal (informal); to send someone to prison; divorce; kill gently put aside - to save money; to ignore or intentionally forget something,

make a life 生活是为了让生命更精彩 make a living 赚钱谋生、养家糊口,生活就是一场苟且.

结构上没问题,nonor结构,no nor意群修饰work前面加个without译成中文不太好翻,很拗口你自己明白意思就行了吧

photography by you 由你摄影双语例句1If you enjoy needlework or photography at home by yourself, you dont have too much to show for this that you can put on a CV or use in an interview. 如果你喜欢一个人在家做针线活或者摄影,那你也许不会有太多东西可以在面试或者简历中展示.

put side 放在一边put away收起来,收好put by 储存,抛弃,回避

Nondurables such as food. 如食物消费品 Concrete objects such as trees. 实存的物体,如树木等 Decorative needlework, such as embroidery. 钩编织品,如刺绣 Generally regarded as such; supposed. 推断的;假定的一般认为是如此的;假设的

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