undermined 英 ['nd'mand] 美 ['nd'mand] adj. 潜行的 v. 在某物下挖洞或挖通道( undermine的过去式和过去分词 );侵蚀…的基础;暗中破坏;逐渐削弱

undermined[英]['nd'mand][美]['nd'mand]adj.潜行的; v.在某物下挖洞或挖通道( undermine的过去式和过去分词 ); 侵蚀…的基础; 暗中破坏; 逐渐削弱;1She undermined him and destroyed his confidence in his own talent.她暗中打击他,让他对自己的才华信心全无.

undermine vt.1. 在下挖坑道 The convicts undermined the prison wall and escaped.囚犯们在监狱墙下挖地道逃跑了.2. (海,风等)侵蚀的基础 The waves had undermined the cliff.波浪冲刷侵蚀悬崖的底部.3. 暗中破坏;逐渐损害 They are trying to undermine my position.他们在试图损伤我的地位.The bad cold had undermined her health.重感冒损伤了她的健康


drink 既是可数名词也是不可数名词: 1 (u) 可数名词:饮料 food and ~ 食物与饮料,饮食 bottled ~s ( 啤酒、汽水等) 瓶装饮料 i'll bring in the drinks. 2 (c) 不可数名词:(饮料,尤指酒的) 一杯,一口,一饮 a ~ of water [milk] 一杯水 [牛奶] drink at [in] one ~ 一口喝下 have [take] a ~ 喝一杯

tomorrow is another day! 字面意思是:明天是新的一天. 但常常用来表示激励人的,明天会更好!希望帮到你o(∩_∩)o 望亲及时采纳,谢谢!!

stack the deck [英][stk dek][美][stk i dk]事先准备或安排,以欺骗方式做 2.The linearity of the pure power strategy undermined that too often asuccessful deck

sandstorm Recently, sandstorms have swept across many cities and areas of North Sandstorm is such a serious problem that has not only undermined the in dustrial

famine音节划分:famine英 [fmn]美 [fmn]n. 饥荒; 饥饿; 极度缺乏复数: famines双语例句1. The civil war is obstructing distribution of famine relief by aid

歌曲名:Let Us Love 歌手:Bill Withers 专辑e68a84e799bee5baa m a king in a land of abuses Undermined by the promise of excuses Who's to win if we know that it'

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