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you are you are是什么歌

歌名:trouble i'm in 歌手:twinbed 专辑:in your eyes (original motion picture 陷入甜蜜烦恼 to the trouble i'm in 陷入甜蜜苦恼 you are you are 你是你是 my favourite

kugoo://|music|take you as you are 破天荒游戏|4633121|073216899154d937fc5a55fabdd72ca4|/

Darin zanyar - peerless peerless的原意是出类拔萃的,无与伦比的. peerless是首歌 why not president, be a dreamer 为什么不是总统?做一个有梦想的人 you can be just

歌名叫《Trouble I'm In》,歌手是Twinbed.

just the way you are----Bruno Mars

歌名 trouble i'm in 副歌部分:you are you are my favorite medicine you are you are you are where the days begin you are you are just one last time again you are you are you are the trouble im in

Marry You - Bruno Mars 词:Ari Levine,Bruno Mars 曲:Ari Levine,Bruno Mars,Philip Lawrence It's a beautiful night we're looking for something dumb to do Hey baby I think

这首歌是《You Are The Solution》,演唱者是Loving Caliber / Chez.歌词如下:I just wanna hold you I just wanna look into your eyes And tell you that I want you You know

Trouble I'm In 歌手:Twinbed I wanna feel your touch 我想要去感受你的触摸 It's 陷入甜蜜烦恼 To the trouble I'm in 陷入甜蜜苦恼 You are you are 你是你是 my favourite

Apartments!” sniffed Bell, in mock dudgeon.

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