gone on holiday

你好!两个月前我去度假Two months ago I went on holiday

不知道过春节的作文行不行,我这里刚好有 Happy Spring Festival Why does Sound being expecting to knock at a door right away from go ahead in the afternoon , me. The

可以说where do you plan to go to have a holiday? 不过,口语中常说where are you going for your holiday?

Where are you going for vacation? I am going to Beijing for vacation. Because I heard that Beijing is a good place to sightseeing. I am planning to have a very relaxing

this summer i went to guangzhou . i visited many beautiful places .l had a good time there. i wish i can go there when i have time

This summer holiday I went to Guilin with my parents. The First day,we went to Du Xiu moutain and visited a museum.The museum was very intersting.It was building in Ming

Last summer I have visited Hainan island.During the holiday I have a good time.In Hainan the best interesting things is scuba diving.In the seabed the coral reefs were very

Last week,I went to lasa with my parents.Lasa is a good place.The air was fresh and the sky was blue.There were many animals,such as sheep,horse,cow.Some of them were eating grass.I went swimming there and the water was very clean.It was difficult to ride a horse.But I was very happy there.


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